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Château de Murol (Murol Castle):

This is a medieval castle from the Twelfth century. It is one of the most visited sites in the region. It is situated above Murol village and offers a great view over the entire valley. There are simple visits or animated ones, with people dressed up as Lords, Ladies and Knights from the Twelfth century. These animated visits allow you to revisit medieval times and enjoy a nice family outing.

Saint Nectaire Church:

This roman church was build in the middle of the Twelfth century and is part of the 6 “major” churches in Auvergne, alongside the basilique Notre Dame du Port in Clermont-Ferrand, the basilique Notre Dame d’Orcival, the église Saint Austrémoine d’Issoire, the église Notre Dame de Saint-Saturnin and the basilique Saint Julien de Brioude (Haute Loire).

Besse Village:

A unique mountain village with beautiful paved streets and an old belfry.


Auvergne’s volcanology “museum”. Vulcania offers fun attractions, 5D films, interactive expositions and entertainment, games and interactive experiments…

Mountain biking:

“Espace Super VTT” (mountain biking area) at Super Besse ski resort has a kid zone dedicated to children with small bumps and slaloms. There is also an adult Bike Park and downhill bike courses.

Tyrolienne (Zip line):

The “Fantasticable” zip line at Super Besse is the zip line with the sharpest drop in France (240m). It is possible to have great fun (alone or two by two) along these 1600m of wire across the countryside.

Adventure Parks:

There are many accrobranche parks (tree to tree swinging and climbing obstacle courses) in the Massif du Sancy area. There is one in Saint Nectaire that also has special kid courses (5 years+).


Hikes in the Massif du Sancy, VIP stays in low season!

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