Land of lakes and volcanoes

Lac Chambon

The Lac Chambon is a natural lake created at the same time as the Tartaret (the youngest volcano of the Chaine des Puys). This lake is only 10 minutes walk from Les Fougères campsite. It is easy to access this lake via a peaceful footpath (also good for bikes, pushchairs and wheelchairs). It takes a little less than an hour to walk around the lake (3.5km). For those who enjoy a morning jog, you can start the day by running around Lac Chambon a couple of times.

Swimming is authorised and supervised in July and August. Lac Pavin

Lac Pavin :

Lac Pavin is one of the most beautiful lakes in Auvergne. Overlooking the lake, there is the Puy Montchal; you can follow a nice hiking route around the lake and then up the mountain. This is a great place for fishers, who will be able to savour the arctic char.

Swimming is forbidden.

Lac d’Aydat:

A beautiful lake entirely adapted for swimming in the summer.

Lac du Guéry:

This lake is known for ice fishing in winter. It is situated 8km away from the Mont Dore and is the highest lake in the region at an altitude of 1250m. When visiting the lake, you can also take the opportunity to see a few natural landmarks such as la Roche Tuilière and la Roche Sanadoire or la Banne D’Ordanche. They are within walking distance from the lake (1.5 to 2 hours walk).

Gour de Tazenat:

Come and visit this beautiful lake North-East of Riom. Follow in the footsteps of Maupassant and walk around this perfectly circular volcanic crater lake.

Swimming is authorised.

Puy de Sancy:

You can access the Puy du Sancy by foot or by cable car from Super Besse Ski Resort or Mont Dore Ski Resort. The area offers a fantastic view of the surrounding valleys.

Puy de la Vache et Lassolas:

These two twin volcanoes have a unique shape (craters facing the south) and offer a magnificent view of part of the Chaîne des Puys.

Puy de Dôme:

At an altitude of 1465 metres, the Puy de Dôme offers a view over Clermont-Ferrand, the Chaîne des Puys, Monts Dore, Monts du Cantal, the Limousin region, the Combrailles, the Plateau de MIllevaches… When the sky is very clear, you can even see the top of the Mont Blanc.

For those who enjoy hiking, you can walk up the mountain through the chemin des Muletiers (very steep path).

Additionally, since 2012, you can access the top of the mountain on a train: the panoramique des Dômes. For more information:


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